Why do we need to learn Chinese?
   a) Chinese is an art. If you can draw, you can write.
   b) Writing Chinese disciplines self, calm your mind and focus on concentration .
   c) Chinese is the most spoken language in the World.
   d) Chinese language and culture are interesting and fun.
   e) Chinese language is widely used in Global Trade.
   f) The Knowledge of Diversity & Globalization begins in language.
   g) Gateway to Global opportunities

   Does North American Chinese School teach Modern or Traditional Chinese?
   We focus mainly on Traditional Chinese and Chinese Phonics Zhuyin Fuhao. Once you build your foundations, all students can write, read and construct own sentences. We also work on Modern Chinese and do mention on Hanyu Pinyin when needed.

   What are the differences between North American Chinese School and other
   Chinese Schools?

   a) Proven results in school districts, universities, companies & organizations.
   Both non-native and native speakers are able to read, write, construct Traditional
   Chinese sentences, able to read Chinese Phonics ZhuYin Fuhao plus the understanding
   of Modern Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin. However, we encourage any students to pick up
   Chinese language according to schools of their choices.
   Check us out for one semester and you will see the difference.

   b) We provide quality and interesting Chinese lessons to all of our students.
   Happy Chinese Children songs and plays plus cultures are introduced in
   our Chinese classes not only to make learning Chinese lessons more fun and
   interesting but also to promote understanding and diversity.

    c) All teachers have Master Degrees and above plus US experiences with great interest in teaching
   our future generations and adults.

    d) We develop our own teaching materials cater to American Education Systems
   and make changes to our curriculum according to the needs of
   our students plus working adults. We also go to international
   conferences cater to Chinese Principals across US and Canada.

    e) We provide online support and videos to our parents and students.

    f) Shih Chen designs school curriculum cater to speacial needs to our students.
   Each class is linked to the previous class and our school
   only gives the best to our students.

    g) North American Chinese School is a legal entity and we pay tax to the government
   and we support the local communities.

    h) North American Chinese School's teachers are LEGAL to work in the USA.

   Do you teach "Hanyu Pinyin"?
   Our teachers will emphasize more on "Zhuyin Fuhao" and introduce "Hanyu Pinyin".

   Why teach "Zhuyin Fuhao"?
   Zhuyin gives you the basic foundations of Chinese pronounciation and fundamental Chinese Writing.
Non-native speakers tend to mix up Alphabets' pronounciation and Hanyun Pinyin.


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