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   2021 North American Chinese School
   (Elementary Class)
   [Learning Chinese phonics, language & culture]

   2021 North American Chinese School Chinese Reading

   2021 North American Chinese School Chinese Writing
   2019 North American Chinese School Chinese Phonics
   (Elementary School Class)
   [Reading Chinese Phonics & Characters]

   2019 North American Chinese School Short Conversation
   (Middle School Class)
   [Short conversation by our students]

   2019 North American Chinese School Reading
   (Kindergarten Class)
   [Reading by our little one]

   2019 North American Chinese School
   (Middle School Class)
   [Cutivate the seeds of knowledge]

   2019 North American Chinese School writing and reading
   (Adult Class)
   [Writing & reading Chinese]

   2019 North American Chinese School writing and reading
   (High School)
   [Beginner level reading]

   2019 North American Chinese School
   (College Level)
   [Learning Chinese is fun]

   2018 North American Chinese School Annual Party
   (Celebrating diversity in our community)
   [Combining Chinese,Taiwanese,Japanese,Korean,Irish & US cultures]


   2017 North American Chinese School
   (High School: Write, Speak and Read)

   2018 North American Chinese School
   (Reading Chinese Sentences)

   2018 North American Chinese School
   (Chinese Zhuyin Phonics)

    Year 2018 Kindergarten Class
    (Chinese Zhuyin Phonics)

   2016 North American Chinese School
   (High School: Write, Speak and Read)

   2016 North American Chinese School
   (Our Little ones: Read and speack)

   2016 North American Chinese School
   (Grade School: Write and Read)

   2015 North American Chinese School
   (Youth Chinese: Write, Speak and Read in 1 1/2 year)

   2015 North American Chinese School
   (Elementary Chinese: Write, Speak and Read in 1 1/2 year)

   2012 North American Chinese Cultural Camp

Online classes are available throughut the year. Beside Wisconsin students, we currently have registered students from Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Louisiana All are welcome!

We will work with US colleges to offer online Traditional Chinese college credits. Our online courses are dynamic with music, interactive professional slides and online books and much more. Come and check us out!

Please call Shih Chen 262-325-1002 & Chris 262-339-8518
or email to ShihChen@northamericanchineseschool.com
for further information.

North American Chinese School is located at Grafton, Madison, Menomonee Falls, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee and West Bend, Wisconsin.

If you are serious in Chinese, try us out for one semester. Chinese Zhuyin Fuhao phonics plus a good teacher show RESULTS!

North American Chinese School is a smaller school but we want all our students to have the BEST in education.

Our school encourages all students to pick up new language(s) and cuture(s) plus all students should choose school(s) of their own choices.

Congrats to Anna : Admitted to Pepperdine University--Malibu, CA and passed 3 Levels of Advance college placement Chinese.

Congrats to Christine : Admitted to University of Wisconsin--Madison and passed 4 Levels of Advance college placement Chinese.

Congrats to Catherine : Awarded full research scholarship and Grant by US Government to study and work in China.

Congrats to Sam : Admitted to University of Chicago and passed Advance college placement Chinese.

Congrats to our graduted students : Admitted to various Universities and became Chinese Teaching Assitants to various professors.

Students' background: Both native and non-native speakers including toddlers, kindergarten children, middle age kids, high school teenagers, college students, adults, parents, managers, exceutives, Fed Government employees, and adopted Chinese.

Please email shihchen@northamericanchineseschool.com or call
262-339-8518 for further information. Customized curriculum for all students or different time schedule.

All new students are welcome to register any time

2:30pm to 3:30pm Kids(3 years & above) Class
3:30pm to 4:30pm Parents and Kids(3 years & above) Class
4:00pm to 5:00pm New Class for Middle and High School
4:30pm to 5:30pm Parents and Kids(3 years & above) Class
5:00pm to 6:30pm High School Class
5:30pm to 6:30pm Adult Chinese Class
6:30pm to 7:30pm New Adult Chinese Class
7:30pm to 8:30pm High School Class
8:30pm to 9:30pm High School Class

9:30am to 11:30am Parents and Kids(3 to 5 years old) Class
10:30am to 11:30am Parents & Kids(6 to 8 years old)
11:30pm to 01:00pm High School
01:00pm to 02:00pm 9 to 12 years old
02:00pm to 03:30pm Adult Class
3:30pm to 04:30pm High School

West Bend
Tuesday and Friday
4:30pm to 5:30pm 3 to 5 years old
5:30pm to 6:30pm 6 to 9 years old
6:30pm to 7:30pm 10 to 13 years old
7:30pm to 8:30pm 14 years old and above

Madison  (NEW CLASS)
2:30pm to 3:30pm Beginner Level
1:30pm to 2:30pm Beginner Level

Menomonee Falls
12:30pm to 1:30pm Middle School Class
1:30pm to 2:30am Parents & Kids(6 to 8 years old)
2:30pm to 3:30am College Level

Application Form
(If you are interested in our Chinese lessons, please download
the form and e-mail or mail it back to North American Chinese School).

    North American Chinese School, located at Grafton, Germantown, Menomonee Falls, Wauwatosa, and West Bend in Milwaukee County, Washington County, Waukesha County and Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, was founded in November 2011 with a humble beginning in West Bend, Wisconsin.

    Our objectives are not only to let our students to learn the Chinese language & Asian cultures but also to understand ethics, diversity and democracy plus to build great moral and friendship among our students.

    We also help American students, managers and companies to gain in depth cultural knowledges and language skills so that Americans can have comparative advantages in education, and in international trade.

    We are one of the very few schools in the USA to teach both traditional and modern Chinese to non-native speakers and native speakers. We understand and have many years of work experience with non-native speakers in the classroom and work environments.

    We teach both Chinese phonics "Zhuyin" and "Hanyu Pinyin". Thus, students get solid Chinese foundations, NOT confuse with American Phonics, and we develop the education curricula according to the students learning abilities.

All of our students read and write Chinese characters, Chinese "Zhuyin" and "Hanyu Pinyin" Phonics. They also construct their own sentences.

    Chinese phonics "Zhuyin" is Level 1 foundation and Chinese Characters are Level 2. It is like building a house, we need to have a solid foundation in a blue print, then we can build as tall and strong as you want and vice-versa. Without Level 1 and a good teacher, Chinese language seems to be very difficult to Non-native speakers.

    All our text books are cater to non-native and native speakers and are used in North America, UK, Australia, South America, New Zealand and many other countries. Each lesson builds solid confidence and encouragements to our students. We research, work with publishers and choose only the best books.

We show RESULTS!

Please go through the videos on the left.

    Our students range from 3 years old to 70 years old and from all walks of lives. We encourage everyone to pick up more foreign languages and not just Chinese. Since Asia has become a giant global trade bloc and for many years to come, Chinese becomes an important language. If you are interested in the Chinese language and willing to put in effort or if you study Chinese in other schools and find Chinese is very difficult to comprehend, North American Chinese School will be your partner and friend in the Chinese language.

    We understand both Asia and American norms, have many years of teaching and work experience in both Asia and US corporations, and all our teachers have at least US Master degrees. We teach with our hearts and provide quality education to develop your Chinese language foundation.

    North American Chinese School continues to bring quality and interesting education, diversity and international cultures to West Bend, Grafton and Wauwatosa communities in Southeast Wisconsin. We will open other schools in Wisconsin in the coming future.

    Thus, we strongly appreciate the continuous support from parents in Washington, Milwaukee, Ozaukee & Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin plus businesses and translation services from Wisconsin businesses and many other School Districts. We will also like to thank Pastor Mark, Pastor Franz, and other Church board members for the support at Community Church, Pilgrim United Church, Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Year 2013 and years to come.

    North American Chinese School is also blessed by the support from the government of Taiwan, City of West Bend, West Bend School District, West Bend Chamber of Commerce, BNI Members, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and articles from Washington County's Daily Newspaper, US Version Chinese World Journal, Epoch Times (Chicago and New York), and other media.

    Our teacher, Shih-Chen Huang, has great passion in teaching Chinese and in Early Childhood education. She has more than 10 plus years of teaching experience to both Native and non-Native speakers in US and in Asia. Shih-Chen Huang graduated in 1993 at Penn State University(State College)with a Master in Education specializes in Curriculum and Instructions. Students learn through Chinese classes, calligraphy, plays, and songs plus many other organized Chinese festivals in Washington and Milwaukee Counties.

    Chris Gan has great passion in teaching and tutoring Chinese, Maths, Global Studies and Science. Chris graduated from Penn State University(State College)and Univeristy of Wisconsin with a BSc in Finance, International Business and Management Computer Systems and a MBA in Decision Support Systems.

    We also have other experience teachers in our school.

US Version Chinese World Journal(Chinese version) wrote an article on our
2012 North American Chinese Cultural Camp.
Click Here for the above article

    Washington County's Daily Newspaper wrote articles about North American Chinese School on June 19, 2008, Nov 28, 2009 and Dec 11, 2009. We will like to thank Washington County's Daily Newspaper for its support.
Click Here for the above article

    For tuition and further details, please click at Application Form Below and e-mail us back.
Application Form

    If other time or day work for your children, please e-mail shihchen@northamericanchineseschool.com. We will re-arrange the suitable time for our parents and Adults.

    North American Chinese School had our 1st 2007 North American Chinese Cultural Camp from August 15 to August 19, 2011 at Green Tree School. With the strong support from parents, students, counselors from UW-Madison and Rutger University, volunteers and teachers from Milwaukee, and West Bend School District, our 2011 North American Chinese cultural camp introduced Lion dances, Ribbon dances, Fan & Flag dances, Chinese Yo-yo, martial arts plus calligraphy, Chinese chess, language and Chinese painting. Our students came from Green Bay, Brown Deer, Brookfield, Florida, Shanghai, and West Bend. All of our students worked and trained very hard and learned many different lessons in this 5-day quality camp. The last day, all students have to perform to parents, teachers, the public and the principal of Green Tree School.

    The government of Taiwan sponsored 2 professional trained teachers with both national and internation awards in dancing, sports, and Chinese Yo-yo, Chinese dancing fans, ribbons, Chinese Yo-yo, masks, drums, and other tools. The Taiwanese government further gave aways bags of souvenirs to all students who attended this wonderful Chinese Cultural Camp. Not only our parents and audience recognized the first class quality education provided by the Taiwanese government and North American Chinese School, but also recognized the importance of Chinese culture, language and norms in today's ever changing world. We received great complements from parents and our local community for this wonderful event.

    Our goal was not only to give all students great happy memories in this 2011 Chinese cultural camp but also to understand the importance of diversity, hardwork, teamwork and persistency. We further wanted to give thanks to West Bend School District, School Board, Whitefish Bay Kung Fu Club, Daily News, Chris the custodian manager, Jonathan Kirn, Principal Katie Weyer of Green Tree School, and Superintendent Ted Neitzke for their great support.

    Our 2012 Chinese Cultural Camp was also a great success. We have 30 plus students and have a 300 plus audience from City of West Bend, government officials from Madison, US Military, parents, teachers and students from different universities, and the top officials from government of Taiwan.

    Come and join us for next year's 2014 North American World Cultural Summer Camp. All potential students and parents are welcome to visit North American Chinese School.
Limited Vancancies

   Reasons to pick up Chinese
   a) Chinese is the most spoken language in the World.
   b) Chinese language and culture are interesting and fun.
   c) Chinese language is widely used in Global
   d) The Knowledge of Diversity & Globalization begins in
   e) Gateway to Global Opportunities


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